The Only Way Is Metallic

Who’s staring out of the office window right now, mesmerised by the rain and daydreaming about their next Kozangian purchase?  We are, that’s for sure!

Yes it’s Tuesday, and yes it’s a miserable day but don’t let that bring you down because it just means it’s the perfect reason to head over to and see what gems we have on offer to brighten up your day.

Do you feel like your work outfit is drab and you want to add some glitz to your attire? Well what better way to do that, than to treat yourself to a pair of our Topaz leather stiletto court shoes.

Topaz is a perfect contrast of classic leather and metallic panelling which makes it ideal for a day in the office, giving the timeless court shoe a glamorous twist.

Topaz is available in Silver, Gold and Black.

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